XCAD Network 2000 $USDT Prize “Crypto Celebrity Contest”

After the successful launch of our 1st Community Contest, we are not wasting any time and are already kicking into gear our second one — the Xcad Network Celebrity Contest. We promise you this contest will be just as fun as the first one (or maybe even more!), with a unique twist added into the mix.

There is no denying that hype and social media awareness are instrumental to any project’s success. The power of a community is a force to reckon with, and we here at Xcad Network have a lot of faith and gratitude for our awesome supporters who work tirelessly to spread the word out and be part of our story. Social media can have an immense impact and can extend our reach beyond any other marketing channel. Add memorable and humorous engagement and interaction into the mix, and you have a winning formula.

Therefore, the next contest will run exclusively on Twitter, where the objective is to extend the Xcad Network reach using the power of the celebrities and influencers who can give a significant boost to our mainstream exposure and become steppingstones of our ever-growing network.

The rules are simple:

1. Send a tweet/tweet reply to celebrity about Xcad Network.

2. Be funny/creative/imaginative. Don’t send boring, uninspired tweets which just copy-paste our talking points. Think of it as, “If I would be a celebrity getting thousands of replies every day, would this tweet get my attention?” You can add images, videos, etc. to your tweets, relevant to Xcad Network, so the possibilities are endless.

3. Quality over quantity. While you can tweet about Xcad Network as much as you want, to whomever you want, ONLY SUBMIT A MAXIMUM OF 10 TWEETS for this contest. Copy the link(s) to your Twitter comment(s) and submit it/them here: https://t.me/joinchat/bhDjtBYWV5YyOWE0 in a comment. Feel free to edit your submission in the Telegram group, as long as you don’t add more than five tweets on your list.

4. Every tweet needs to include $XCAD cashtag.

5. Best submissions win a share of our 2000 $USDT reward pool. If you get a famous person to respond to your Xcademy Network tweet, who knows, you might win something special 😉.

Contest period: April 20–27, 2021
Reward pool: 2000 $USDT



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